With the long-running Resolutions show only in our memories, Forbidden Fantasy has picked up the torch of being the first major show of the year. The fact that it’s in Truckin’ magazine’s backyard makes it even better. Filling the Perris Auto Speedway parking lots with entrants and vendors, including local fabricators showing off their latest creations, and food from world-famous Pink’s Hot Dogs, the show was a success yet again.

A few cool Volksrods and an insane Tri-five Chevy wagon roadster held their own amongst the rest of the crowd that was almost entirely trucks. The sheer number of trucks made it easy for us to shoot hundreds of photos, which you can check out at Truckinweb.com. That’s also where you’ll find coverage of the bikini contest, a Forbidden Fantasy staple. Beautiful sunshine, beautiful trucks, and beautiful women, what more could you want?