At this year’s Texas Heatwave show in Austin, Texas, the temps were in the triple digits, the sun was shining brightly, and the sound of screeching tires could be heard from the north side of the parking lot. Those tires screaming for help were part of the first-ever Truckin’ Autocross Challenge that we, in conjunction with the Heatwave staff, provided for performance-minded enthusiasts. Like us, these guys were tired of sitting under an EZ-Up and getting drunk in the heat. To remedy the same old thing at a truck show, they fired up their trucks and cars and whipped around our autocross course. Everyone had a great time, especially the new drivers who had never driven around a coned course before. One truck owner hopped out of his truck and said, “Forget building trucks to drag and tear stuff up, this going fast and actually driving is where it’s at.” We agree with that sentiment and honestly, we were surprised how many “fast” trucks said they would come out and race, but then wussed out because of worrying about getting a nick in their paint or scratching a wheel. Come on, get out there and drive your pride and joy.

Other events at Heatwave included the prerequisite burnout, hydraulic, and bikini contests, as well as awards with super-tall trophies for the Best Ofs. USACI was also on site for the audiophiles and the always-popular Monster Trucks were on site doing stunts, crushing cars, and popping wheelies. Show sponsors included Nitto Tire, Sony, Rimco, Intro Wheels, Memphis Audio, and Soundstream to name a few. Donald Hardy’s ’02 Silverado won a free set of Nitto tires by recording the fastest lap in a truck around our autocross course. Austin O’Krinsky drove a 2011 Grand Sport Corvette to the fastest overall time of the weekend and won a Kinetik Power Cell, gift certificate for Royal Purple oil, and a Volant intake. To see all of the winners and the cool prizes they won, go to All in all, it was a great time, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s show. For more photos we couldn’t fit here,, and for information on next year’s show, go to