Best show of the year? And it happened in February? It will definitely be hard to beat, as Lone Star Throwdown, held at Montgomery County Fair in Conroe, Texas, February 25-26, surprised everyone when more than 700 custom cars and trucks arrived on the scene. Thanks to Negative Camber celebrating its 20th year, license plates from all over the country were proudly on display. Drawing some of the nicest C10s to debut in a long, long time, the show also had its fill of nice late-model customs. Best Ofs and Top 75 awards were handed out to the deserving truck owners.

A little background on what has affectionately been called LST, two buddies, Todd (Radar) Hendrex and Lonnie Ford wanted to bring back the relaxing truck show, with little-to-no drama, and really provide a weekend full of good friends, good times, and awesome rides. They succeeded, and now it seems they have a must-attend show on their hands. Check out some of the new rides from the show over the next few pages, and to see more than 800 photos of LST, check out our online web exclusive here. For more information on next year’s show, turn your browser to