One of our all-time favorite shows to attend is the Custom Sounds Texas Heat Wave show in Austin, Texas. Filled with everything from cars to lifted and lowered trucks, to motorcycles, and with plenty of automotive vendors in attendance, it was surely a spectacle to behold. The 2012 show marked the 22nd year of the event and it clearly showed no signs of slowing down. Plenty of rubber was sacrificed during the burnout contest and the high-flying antics of a few monster trucks in attendance kept the outside crowd pumped. Those choosing to cool off in the arena were treated to a vehicle hop-off, tattoo expo, and the curvy entertainment of some lovely ladies showing off for the bikini contest. In all, 500 trophies were awarded with 13 “Best Of” awards being handed out for various categories. More than 800 vehicles preregistered for Heat Wave, and by the weekend's completion over 1,800 vehicles had been entered and judged, with more than 20,000 bodies filing through the gates. For one weekend in July, it was the place to be. To see more than 600 photos we couldn't fit here, check out our web exclusive coverage.