Last year, Texan truck guys Todd "Radar" Hendrex and Lonnie Ford were hanging out and reminiscing about past truck shows when they came up with a slightly crazy idea—starting a show of their own. The show was dubbed Lonestar Throwdown, and the February 2012 debut shocked the scene with its immediate success. Thanks to this success, it returned again this year, and once again exceeded expectations. Well on its way to being one of Texas' largest shows, Lonestar Throwdown, presented by Power Stroke Enginuities, packed the Lone Star Expo Center in Conroe, Texas, with custom trucks of every size, shape, make, and model. If you didn't make it to the show this year, check out our coverage here and online at If the past two years have been any indication, next year's Lonestar Throwdown should be truly epic, so head over to for more info.