In the unyielding chase for speed, ten trucks representing the West Coast met on May 31st for the fourth annual Nitto Tire THROWDOWN presented by McGaughy's Suspension. Blessed with ideal conditions, racers lined up to compete in a gauntlet of shootouts including a quarter-mile drag race, 600-foot slalom, speed-stop challenge, and 1.6-mile road course. The blue SoCal sky turned to a haze of Nitto tire smoke as we had our fastest competitors to date. Owners of fullsize trucks, SUVs, and even a midsize truck pushed their rides to the extreme limits in each of the challenges, and after a full day of pegging the needle into the red, we had our closest one-two finish in the young event's history.

The Nitto Tire THROWDOWN presented by McGaughy's Suspension began early in the morning with a 1,320-foot blast down the runway of the abandoned El Toro Marine Base in Irvine, California. With one competitor nearly breaking the 9-second barrier, mouths were agape with disbelief. Our next challenge required the truck owners to snake through six cones set 100-feet apart at the fastest speeds their suspensions could handle. After a delicious taco lunch, the trucks were required to blast down into a hard 180-degree righthand turn and slither through a quick three-cone slalom, only to come to a screeching halt within the coned-off stop box. The day ended with each truck owner rocketing around a 1.6-mile road course at breakneck speed. With four technical sections and several high-speed straights, the course quickly separated the men from the boys. Only one truck could be crowned champion, and once the scores were tallied, one owner left with our billet trophy. Special thanks to Nitto Tire and McGaughy's Suspension for supporting this exciting event. Because of companies like these, custom truck owners can quench the need for speed one full-throttle romp at a time.