It's five o'clock on a Friday night, and you are completely exhausted because you just spent several weeks doing the impossible and getting your vehicle to SEMA without a minute to spare, only to walk ten or so miles a day at the show and party it up every night for a week. What do you do now? It only makes perfect sense to keep the party going and head straight up the boulevard to the Palms Hotel and Casino for the after party!

Our old friend Pin from Pin Did It productions, known for the biggest Thursday night party in Vegas every year at SEMA, had another trick or two up his sleeve this year. As if seeing Sir Mix A Lot live on the roof of the Palms Hotel the night before wasn't enough, Pin commandeered the Palms parking lot, right under the iconic sign, and hosted over 100 of the cleanest rides from SEMA 2013. Dualies seemed to take center stage, as several of both the lifted and laid-out variety were on hand for us to drool over. There was a full outdoor bar to take the edge off, as well as a barbecue station to put a little back on if you know what we mean. it was a great time to sit back with a few friends that we never crossed paths with during the week and breathe a sigh of relief. We're sure the show is only going to get bigger each year, and you can bet that we'll be back to cover it!