Kyle "Pickle" Garza hosted a big group of truck and car enthusiasts March 22-23rd in Galveston, Texas. Yet again, he put on a great show for a great cause… Drag for Diabetes 2014.

The threat of rain seemed to scare the big crowds he usually has, but as Saturday progressed, more and more people came through the show gates. The weather ended up being great for the show trucks. We were glad to see so many custom trucks and cars from all over the state of Texas. There was everything from lifted 4x4s to bodied mini trucks and everything in between. Seeing these combined with the varied cars and SUVs made for an enjoyable show.

There were several different friendly competitions including a pickle eating contest, a Sprite and banana eating contest, a tug-o-war, and a chocolate milk chug. These were entertaining to watch as children and grownups tested their intestinal fortitude with the consumption of the food and beverages. Needless to say, some could not handle the intake.

We look forward to the return of the show next year and will most definitely plan on attending again. Hopefully, a little threat of rain won't affect people's decisions. Supporting local shows is what keeps this whole scene alive.

To learn more about Drag for Diabetes, visit or follow them on twitter at Drag4Diabetes