For the fourth straight year, Common Treads Magazine presented The Gathering car and Truck Show, which was held at the Anderson Motor Speedway, located in the heart of Williamston, South Carolina. What was originally created as a casual laid back event where truck owners could come and hang out has grown every year making The Gathering one of the largest shows in the state. With over 250 entries and over 1,000 spectators, Kent Williams and his Common Tread crew worked nonstop to make sure the event went off without a hitch.

The Gathering's title sponsors were Welches Chop Shop and Sparkles Detail along with the supporting vendors: Drop 'Em Wear, Drivin, Snipes Machine, and HotRides. The Club Participation award went to Earth Scrapes with over 20 member entrances and Jason Torchia from Acrophobia took home best of show truck with his patterned out Ford F150. Teddy Mueller grabbed the best motor in his bright green Chevy C-10 and Erick Griffey grabbed the best interior award with his solid black Chevy full-size.

Common Treads wishes to thank all the loyal supporters and a special thanks to Kent, Logan, Allison, Thomas, Mike, Jason, and Joe for all their hard work throughout the two-day event. As the spectator and entrance numbers keep growing every year, The Gathering is earning it's way to a show you must attend.