SEMA is the Super Bowl of custom cars and trucks. A gala unlike any other where the nation’s top builders and shops unveil their latest and greatest projects for all of the industry to see. Every make and model, year and build style is represented and if you didn’t find a truck you fell in love with, odds are you were too busy gambling in a casino to visit the Las Vegas Convention Center. Besides the jaw-dropping cars and trucks, top manufacturers bring out their newest parts to get orders rolling in for the upcoming year. Trucks dominated the show, and it was very apparent the lifted and off-road truck segment is growing at a huge rate. The star of this year’s show wasn’t a big surprise, we knew driving from SoCal to Las Vegas that the 2014 GM trucks, both the Silverado and Sierra, were going to be the hot ticket, and as dozens upon dozens were on display, we were right. Also popular were Raptors, Ram HDs, and still going strong, Ford F-250 Super Duties. Just as we have the last five years, Truckin had its own area for displaying more than 35 of the country’s best customs ranging from a body-dropped 2014 Silverado to a sky-high F-250 4WD.