Layd Out At The Park (LOATP) car and truck show celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, and reaching the decade mark is a goal to be proud of when hosting a custom show. So much time and energy (not to mention cold cash) goes into organizing and pulling off a successful event year after year.

LOATP was held at Cherokee Park in the quiet city of Morristown, Tennessee, and this year it seemed to be buzzing with more custom trucks and cars than they've been used to. Surrounding hotel parking lots were filled custom trucks. The car show is one of the region's largest, most popular shows, but registration numbers and crowd head-count proved that everyone who could make it, came down to celebrate the milestone show.

Jeffrey Dillard and his crew have successfully pulled off another great truck show and plan to keep it going into the next decade. For more info on Layd Out At The Park 2015, visit See you next year!