We recently had the opportunity to visit with Stylin' Concepts in Independence, Ohio. During our stay, Stylin' Concepts put on a happening open house to celebrate the company's customers, inviting all willing participants to come and join them for a day of good friends and a little friendly competition. An impromptu drag-it and spark-it show and truck club tug-o-war kept everyone entertained during the day's events. The doors opened and all the visitors in attendance were given carte blanche to roam the facilities and check out what Stylin' Concepts has to offer. Being a huge mail-order facility and retail outlet, representatives from many aftermarket suppliers were in attendance to show off their products. If you missed the opportunity to be part of this festive day, check out www.stylinconcepts.com for information on its next gathering. While on the site, be sure to surf around and see some of the exciting products carried by this great company. There is something for everyone.