If you are a hardcore custom-truck enthusiast, then you have spent time at swap meets looking for those hard-to-find parts to help you complete that ongoing project. It seems when you are on a discovery mission for a certain part, you can't find the damn thing. That's why it is very important when purchasing a vehicle, you wish to restore or customize, to buy it as complete as possible. You hope it will have all of the exterior-trim molding, bumpers, interior trim, headliner bows, dash knobs, window cranks, door handles, and so on. Sure, there are many after-market companies that do offer repops of many original parts. But, nothing is like an original part.

I have spent many hours at swap meets over the years, strolling through the aisles of vintage parts. When looking for a vehicle to purchase at a swap meet, it is always a good idea to take a car-guy buddy with you to checkout a potential purchase. Four-eyes are better than two, because you might overlook something he will discover.

Fortunately, living in SoCal allows me to attend two major early-model swap meets, located in Pomona and Long Beach. Both are staggered every other month, which allows me to shuffle down memory lane at least one Sunday a month. I arrive during the pre-dawn hours with flashlight in hand, which allows me the best shot at finding what I am looking for while the sellers have a full inventory. Even if I am not in search of parts for an ongoing project, I find myself falling in line with the rest of the gear heads who are searching for that diamond in the rough.

Of course, the swap-meet sellers are out to make a buck, too. Buyers beware of the swap-meet asking price, as it tends to be heavy. Sometimes it is best to take down a phone number and call the seller during the week, as you may end up seeing a lighter price.

Some guys play golf on Sunday mornings, I enjoy huffing it around an automotive swap meet.