Texas Heatwave is always a big show. As a matter of fact, it's the only show I've been to where it is actually possible to get lost. Then again, that might have been due to the heat. Native Texans were firing up their charcoal grills (taste the meat, not the heat) and basking in the central Texas sun. Meanwhile, Harley Camilleri and I were clinging to the shade of our golf cart and making the rounds to see all of the trucks that rolled out to the Travis County Fairgrounds. SoCal weather will do that to you.

Each time we ventured away from the security of the cart, with a camera in one had and a bottle of water in the other, we weren't quite sure if the awesome trucks we were seeing were real or mirages. For those of you who have never made it out to a Heatwave show, it's truly a sight to behold, as the show pulls trucks from all across Texas, the South, and the Midwest. So, there's always a variety of trucks to be seen, not to mention the vendors, concerts, and entertainment. Here's just some of our favorite trucks, for even more show coverage, check out www.truckinweb.com.