It takes a lot to stand out at the SEMA Show. Over-the-top rides get overlooked in the sea of other over-the-top rides, so that in the quest to get noticed, the exact opposite happens. However, the guys at 909 Motoring figured out how to stand out at SEMA with a bolt-on product for their stock 2014 Ram 1500 truck. This product, which had crowds staring and scratching their heads, was a set of huge, clean five spoke wheels. While the "huge" of yesterday was 24s or 26s, the "huge" of today is 32s. That's right, 32-inch rollers from Donz Wheelz.

The front of the Ram sports a 255/30R30 tire on a 30x10 Donz Ferrigno wheel while the rear hosts a massive 32x11 wrapped in 305/25ZR32 Lexani branded rubber. To put it in perspective, that's a 38-inch diameter wheel in the rear compared to the factory 20-inch wheel's 33-inch diameter.

So what's the price tag for these huge attention-grabbing shoes? We'll keep it simple and say about $2,500 per wheel and up to a grand for each tire. It'd be safe to reserve a good 15 grand for this project - but it just may be worth it!