With a base price of $21,300 and an as-tested price of $22,435, the Kia Sorento was the least expensive of our 10 test vehicles. However, for that reasonable price, you get a lot with the Sorento. In our eyes, the introduction of the Sorento really marks Kia as a major player in the SUV marketplace. The Sorento is definitely a mainstream vehicle through and through, and should do well in the months following its introduction. The vehicle features attractive exterior styling, a peppy powerplant, a pleasing interior, and excellent driveability.

While the Sorento is not on par with the 4Runner, or a few of the other SUVs in our group of testers that ran neck and neck with the Toyota, at half the price, the Sorento is a worthy ride. Several editors thought that the Sorento was one of the best-looking of this group of SUVs - perhaps the best-looking. And with its gutsy 3.5L V-6 powerplant, comfortable interior, long list of standard features, and one of the best warranties in the industry, the Sorento is certainly worth a second look.