In stock format, the GM HummerH2 is an imposing vehicle. With the ability to travel through streams 20 inches deep, climb 16-inch steps and rocks, and paddle through deep sand, the H2 offers capabilities far and beyond the means of mere mortal SUVs. The H2's power is also impressive, with 315 hp and 360 lb-ft of torque on tap, enough to run down anything fleeing from its path. And this predator is designed to intimidate, with an aggressive and boxy body, straight windshield and windows, and brawny and broad front and side design. Order the H2 in its bright-yellow paint scheme, and you'll definitely garner attention wherever you travel.

Is this enough to qualify for a feature truck in Truckin' magazine? Well, being an aftermarket-driven publication, we prefer that the retina-attraction quotient be as high as possible. Lucky for us, Manny de Encio, the owner of CTL Motorsports, and the builder and owner of the awesome '03 H2 featured here, agrees. After one look at this in-your-face beast, we're sure you'll second our choice. Lifted to the stars, sporting a bevy of exterior refinement pieces, powered by numerous performance upgrades, and with an interior that is as dynamic as it is comfortable, this H2 certainly qualifies for a starring role.

The first time we laid eyes on this bright-and-brawny beast was several months ago at CTL Motorsports' shop in Westminster, California. Manny had invited us over to check out the modified H2, which was in the midst of its final aftermarket tweaks. We were immediately floored by this dynamic ride and made plans for a photo shoot as soon as the vehicle was completed. We ran into Manny later at the Las Vegas Truckin' Nationals, where he wowed spectators and vendors alike with his impressive ride. In fact, Manny was presented with the Truckin's SUV Editor's Choice Award for the best SUV at the Nationals.

Interestingly enough, this is one of our few feature vehicles that still sports the stock paint. In our eyes, the yellow OEM hue is perfect for the H2, and in this case, it's nicely set off by an impressive array of exterior aftermarket pieces. However, when you view this vehicle for the first time, your initial impression is that of height. This H2 definitely reaches for the heavens, accomplished by a 14-inch suspension kit and 44-inch tires. The extensive suspension modifications include the Bulletproof lift kit, 2.0 Fox Racing Shox shocks with reservoirs,billet shock clamps, and stainless steel brake lines. The suspension pieces are completely chromed, with the frame painted to match the color of the H2. All of the suspension work was expertly carried out by CTL Motorsports. The huge and impressive wheel and tire combo is made up of 16.5x12-inch Weld Racing Mountain Crushers wheels wrapped by mega-rubber in the form of Interco Bogger tires measuring 44x19.5x16.5 inches.