No money down, bad credit, or no credit - who cares - we have a truck for you. We have all heard the gimmicks and scams, and have seen the ridiculous commercials, but what if a dealership didn't have to lure you in? What if the dealership had something in the showroom that made you come see them and sign on the dotted line instead of them trying to trick you? In the case of Nelson Dodge in El Monte, California, the custom trucks on the lot make a bold enough statement for even the hardest of hardened veterans to turn their heads and jump into payments. Nelson Dodge took a new stock '03 Dodge Ram equipped with a Hemi V-8 and turned it into a flamed performance and show-quality machine.

Realizing the huge impact the aftermarket is having on the truck segment, one Dodge dealer took a bold step and created a truck any enthusiast would be proud to drive and show. Understanding the large cost of a new truck, the crew at Nelson Dodge put together a truck with all of the custom bells and whistles added to the amount financed after the base price. This allows the customer to pay on the package, instead of doing all of the custom work after taking over the payments. Taking the risk of tearing into the Dodge was discussed thoroughly before a single wrench was turned, and after getting the green light, Joe Yu, Sales Manager of Nelson Dodge, teamed up with some big shops to create this turnkey custom.

Wanting a truck with every aspect covered, Joe first dropped the truck off at Master Image Customs in Anaheim Hills, California, where the truck's suspension was to be seriously altered. Starting with the front lower control arms, the crew at MIC created a perfect suspension setup with airbags at each corner. With front-to-back and side-to-side action, testdrives through the dealership parking lot became more exciting. Keeping the custom theme in mind, the crew at MIC found the perfect location for the airbag switchbox. Mounted underneath the center console is a four-switch box in a stealth and factory-looking place.