After the lift was put into position on AIM's cloud-scraping business card, a massive wheel and tire combination was needed to fill the space between the wheelwells and ground. To enhance the extra-tall stance, a set of 20x12-inch Weld Racing Dagger 8 wheels from Weld's forged F1 Series line was mounted within Interco IROK 49.5x21x20-inch tires. The 49.5-inch-tall meats make a strong statement and contribute to the overall intimidating exterior looks of the AIM Industries H2.

Completion of the suspension alterations led to exploring the custom possibilities for the Hummer's exterior skin. Desiring a plethora of custom paint to adorn the envelope of this desert cruiser, Joe turned to L&G Enterprises in San Dimas, California, where Theresa Contreras worked her custom painting magic to capture the cutting-edge look Joe was shooting for. Once the H2 was rolled into the L&G spray booth, a combination of House of Kolor hues was pulled from the paint cabinet shelves, and the fun began. Up top, using House of Kolor True Blue Shimron blended with Platinum and the H2's stock pewter, a custom stripe was laid at the beltline. Moving down, House of Kolor Tangerine was artfully applied and gradually faded into Lemon Yellow for a bright and bold look. Braking up all the blinding hues and giving the paint scheme some additional dimension are aggressive tear-away graphics ripping through the yellow like a hot knife through butter. The intricate tear-away graphics are shaded with House of Kolor custom-mixed platinum and gray hues to jump boldly off of the bright-yellow backdrop. For the paint scheme's finishing touch, Theresa applied flash striping using One Shot Silver to break up the various colors and graphics patterns.

After the graphics were sealed in clear and the H2's panels were buffed to a mirror shine, the front and rear factory skidplates were sent out to Kustom Recycled Bumpers in Pinion Hill, California, for a fresh coat of chrome-plating. Doing this provided a nice contrast at the front and rear of the vehicle against the bright-yellow paint. Now that the H2 had some custom paint artistry splashed amidst its body panels, the next step was to throw some billet aluminum flash into the outward appearance.

To spice up the already impressive envelope, Joe turned to DefenderWorx in Suwanee, Georgia, to obtain a host of the company's custom billet aluminum accessories for the Hummer H2. Up front, a DefenderWorx CNC billet hood grille with CNC billet hood handles makes a bold billet statement. The hood grille starts out as a 200-pound block of solid aluminum, then is cut on a CNC machine for the Hummer. According to DefenderWorx, this unique custom body enhancement for the H2 gives the vehicle a total concept look. The billet hood handles feature machined dimple holes for aesthetic appeal and come from DefenderWorx as an option, since the factory black handles can be used with the hood grille. Keeping the hood of AIM's amazing H2 fastened into position are CNC billet hood latches, which according to DefenderWorx, "replace the factory pieces with big billet components that add to the bold look of your vehicle."