Using a unique three-male and five-female twin-screw supercharger, Whipple has made a reputation for itself in the performance aftermarket realm as a leader in the supercharger world of high-horsepower-adders. No stranger to new applications, Whipple worked directly with Ford to create a new supercharger kit for the '04 F-150 5.4L three-valve V-8 as soon as it hit the showrooms.

Packing a whopping 2.3 extra liters of intake volume, the Whipple twin-screw includes a large 8-inch intercooler inside the intake manifold, new injectors, and a reprogrammer to dial in the truck's electronics. Eight pounds of boost bring horsepower levels to the extreme with the dyno registering figures in the high-440s and torque leveling off at a stump-pulling 600 lb-ft. For its project truck, the entire kit was show-polished with enough shiny parts under the hood by itself to eliminate the need for any extra chrome goodies. Another plus of the new three-valve 5.4L kit, the unit is fully contained with an internal oil lubrication system and includes an added fuel pump to send more go-juice to the larger injectors. Added power is also achieved from a CGS Motorsports performance after-cat exhaust system. With the stock tires going up in smoke every time the accelerator was applied, the team at Whipple went on the mission for improved traction and handling.

Contacting Air Ride Technologies, the two industry leaders combined resources to achieve the perfect sport-truck stance the F-150 now struts. Up front, the factory coilover shocks were scrapped in favor of a new Air Ride Shockwave setup that allows in-truck adjustability and awesome good looks at events. Out back, Air Ride supplied a new AirBar kit for the rear leaves, and a set of airbags lower the rear at will. Virtually tucking the stock 18-inch stockers, the crew at Whipple addressed the wheel and tire combo.

Billet Specialties was recruited for a set of its new SLX 96 wheels featuring a multi-spoke design that seamlessly combines hot-rod muscle and new-school looks to give the F-150 the needed street appearance. Stuffed under the front fenders is a set of 20x8-inch SLX 96 wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes P265/40ZR22 rubber. Featured in the rear is a set of 22x10-inch billets with P305/40ZR22 Toyos. Bolted inside the Billet Specialties wheels are 14-inch four-piston brakes from the new Stainless Steel Brakes upgrade kit for the new F-150. Bringing the extra cab to a halt was now made much easier any time the power seemed too much to handle. Attention was now placed on bringing the exterior to a presentable level for both show and go.