Beginning with the doors, Rick Dore's group of truck modifiers made patch panels and filled the holes where they removed the factory handles. Making the doors open and close is a remote system from Uncle Al. A one-off set of side skirts was then bolted into place, giving the SUV a longer, lower look. The factory rear bumper and tow hitch system got the axe and in their place went another one-off from Rick Dore - a roll pan featuring a frenched license box. Satisfied that they had attained the smoothness required by the customer, the fellas layered the high-end hauler with pigments from House of Kolor featuring a Black roof with an Orange lower body separated with a Purple strip outlined in Lime Green. The cherry on the cake is a beautiful billet vertical grille from Trenz. Looking good and running hard meant it was time for creature comforts in the interior.

A Cadillac Escalade has a huge and wide rear floor area that works great for a sub enclosure if you plan on never hauling anything. Johnny had no reason to leave that space open, so Rick's boys had no reason not to fill it up. Erin Ruddy laid out a hard-core subwoofer box that would be the envy of any kid in the neighborhood. A wood and fiberglass enclosure completely fills the void inside the rear hatch, and an arsenal of electronics made a home there. Xtant was the component of choice for filling the cabin with lower frequencies. The 12-inch hexagonal subs are a standout for sure, but it's hard to beat the visual cue center stage in the enclosure - an Icon TV calls that section home. As a matter of fact, there are eight total Icon screens placed in the vehicle. Credit Cardenal Electronics with the installation of the screens that reside everywhere from the sunvisors to the dash, and from the headrests to the rear sub box. Filling in the music between the doors are MTX mids and highs placed nobly in the stock locations. A Clarion head unit orchestrates the aural symphony. What to do with all those TVs? How about a reverse camera mounted in the license plate frame? When watching what's going on behind him loses its luster, Johnny can entertain the troops with a PlayStation 2.

Rick Dore Kustoms managed to put together one heck of a fine SUV for Johnny. Johnny and his parents purchased the vehicle in Arizona to make it easier on Rick to get his fabulous work done. Upon completion of the truck, Johnny and his parents flew by private jet from Alaska to Rick Dore's headquarters, where the Cadillac was unveiled before their eyes. Satisfied that the deal had been completed beyond his imagination, Johnny was handed the keys. Funny thing though, the day the Escalade was completed for delivery to Johnny, it also happened to be his birthday, and this birthday boy has great taste. We hope to see many more customs from the mind of Johnny Ellsworth. To keep tabs on what's going on over at Rick Dore Kustoms, check out its website at