Flying high in a lifted Tahoe while tearing up the sand may sound like a dream for some, but for Carson Braga, the experience is a daily occurrence. Add to that combination a kickin' sound system and gorgeous green paint with flames and one might consider things too good to be true. Asking Carson what he thought, laughter is heard with a statement true to his philosophy, "Man, it can never be too high." Right on, Carson. That's why we love his Tahoe because he is never satisfied.

The year was 1999, and in one builder's mind, a project was underway. After purchasing the Tahoe, Carson began a to-do list that included a huge lift, trick body mods, killer audio, and a look that would be unique to Carson's fullsize sport ute. Owning several fullsize sand toys before his latest venture, Carson knew help would be needed from qualified and trusted friends, so the Tahoe was dropped off with his friend Chris Hill at Hill Four Wheel Drive. While at the shop, the Tahoe was stripped down to the frame, sanded, smoothed, and painted silver. With the paint dry, a completely green and sliver powdercoated Full Throttle 10-inch suspension lift was added, along with a Performance Accessories 2-inch body lift. Responsible for handling the flex and rebounding duties are six Doetsch shocks with reservoirs. Before complete reassembly was accomplished, an onslaught of Energy Suspension bushings were installed, and 3/4-ton torsion bars and keyways were added, allowing for an even higher lift. Totaling 15 inches of lift, the Tahoe was now soaring, but Carson still wasn't satisfied.

Realizing the Tahoe's potential, performance was now on the horizon. Aiding in turning the tires easier is a six-lug, 3/4-ton, 14-bolt rearend complete with massive 4.88 gears, thanks to an ATS transmission, built by Dave Acosta from Southeast Diesel Performance. Front to back performance is accomplished as air enters the AIRAID intake, passes through the GMS mass-air sensor, and reaches the combustion chambers, courtesy of an 81mm BBK throttle body. Exhaust gas exits the huge hauler with help from a Borla Cat-Back system, while tuning chores are handled by a Hypertech Power Programmer. Now the Tahoe was turning the 17-inch wheels and 37-inch Super Swampers with ease, but they just didn't look big enough. Searching out the perfect wheel and tire combo, Carson quickly placed an order for Lexani's 20-inch V.P. off-road wheels, complete with a set of 39.5-inch Interco TrXus tires. Now, the Tahoe was airborne and looking great, although for some reason, Carson didn't think so.