SMA is the design and manufacturing guru of Hummer accessories, and Fox Racing is a dominant leader in the realm of motocross apparel and racing shocks. When two companies that are pretty savvy about giving people what they want put their heads together on a project, you can bet the results will be ground-breaking. When SMA teamed with Fox for the special edition H2, the goal was to create a new, unique style that combined elements of pure aggression, luxurious pride, and not-so-quiet sophistication. The end result speaks for itself. The SMA Fox 360 H2 does not disappoint.

Making its public debut at the X Games in August 2004, the H2 also made appearances at the Off Road Expo in October and SEMA in November. The truck is striking in its color scheme alone: The two-tone metallic-pewter and Lamborghini Murcilago Orange is bold on the H2's rugged body. The lines were softened slightly by the guys at Orlando Auto Body, who smoothed and painted the moldings and bumpers. The exterior is decked-out with several of SMA's popular, all-purpose accessories including a black, powdercoated brushguard, an ultra-high-quality roof rack system, and a roof-mounted lightbar. The billet aluminum grille, door handles, and fuel ring are finished in SMA's titanium coat providing a classy touch with a show-quality feel. On the hood, a 15.5x37-inch panel insert proudly displays the Fox Racing logo.

The H2's factory suspension is already designed for all-terrain functionality, so this model has just a few extras. Height is added with a Rancho 4-inch suspension lift. Rancho adjustable shocks provide a smoother ride on and off the road, while SMA's billet control arms add functionality and style. The team also installed a Hellwig sway bar to maintain even weight distribution on harsh surfaces. Weld's steel alloy Commando wheels and tough BFGoodrich tires are the final jewels of the H2's all-terrain package.