Lying flat on the floor, tucking big wheels, and displaying custom color over a smooth, metal exterior. This is the scenery James Demouy, of Houston, Texas, enjoys daily when he strolls out to his garage, cracks open the door, and gazes upon his custom '01 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. Committed to building something different with miles of wild custom character, James went full throttle on his four-door Ford midsize. As a Cad Designer by trade, Mr. Demouy began this project with a limited supply of aftermarket parts and enlisted his wild imagination to complete the picture.

Beginning with the stance, James delivered the Trac to Chaotic Rods & Customs in Tomball, Texas, to have the suspension sliced and the body dropped to the pavement. Rocky at Chaotic removed the torsion bars, shaved the A-arms down, and installed Firestone 2600 'bags up front. Toxic shocks provide bump control under the leading edge, while the rear is hammered via Firestone 2600 airbags mated to a custom rear Ektensive Metal Works subframe. An Ektensive Metal Works custom four-link keeps the rearend centered and ensures smooth slam and lift characteristics. A one-off step notch provides extra rear-axle clearance and allows the fenderwells to suck up a healthy portion of the billet hoops and low-profile skins. Air is fed to the 'bags via 1/2-inch Herion electric valves, 1/2-inch brass hard line, and a Thomas compressor filling a 6-gallon air tank. To take the Sport Trac's visual attitude to a whole new level, James had Chaotic Rods & Customs slice into the floor and body-drop Slam Trac to the tune of 4-1/2 inches. To kick off the rocker-grinding altitude adjustment, 20x8-inch Boyd Coddington Cobra billets mounted on Kumho ECSTA P255/35ZR20 low-pros were shoehorned into the fenderwells. With the body laid out and tucking bold billet hoops, it went under the knife to receive a host of wild metal alterations and to get smothered with intense custom paint.

James entrusted Mike, Rocky, Max, and Chris at Chaotic Rods & Customs to restyle the skin and toss on those elaborate graphics. After heating up the welder and filling the shop with sparks, Slam Trac was relieved of its door handles, tailgate handle, roof rack, and emblems to achieve the smooth envelope James was going for. The stock hood was treated to a 2-inch raised steel cowl for engine clearance, while the bed was paneled with steel and molded smooth. With the welding chores checked off, the metal modifications were topped off with some grinding time and the team prepped James' ride for its turn in the paint booth. House of Kolor Harvest Gold was mixed and laid down as the base for the graphics to flow across. Wicked tribal patterns filled in with House of Kolor Teal, Orange, Purple, and Royal Blue jump off of the earth-toned backdrop. For increased visual appeal, a custom leopard-print graphic was woven in between the tribals. Once complete, Slam Trac received a Trenz billet grille insert and APC hyper-white taillights. Lastly, the whole custom package was delivered to Wholesale Street Wheels in Deer Park, Texas, for audio stylings.