Jim Lewis of Pro Motorsports was tapped to hone this '05 Escalade into a cold-as-ice platform to pitch Sony's wares. What he made was a vehicle that glides like an ice flow across the eyes and hangs in the ears the same way that a ski jumper hangs in the sky.

The buildup took 22 days and nearly 123 grand. It's nice to be the king, and you better be royalty if you're throwing down that kind of money. This Escalade launched its career at SEMA 2004 and has been making the rounds ever since. But then, it made its rounds during the building stage, too. Pro Motorsports spearheaded the project and handled many of the mods, but a few others had a hand in making Sony's Caddy better, faster, and stronger. D&S Paint Shop in Clearwater, Kansas, laid the hues. Auto Tops in Springfield Missouri, took care of upholstery. Also, the Syndicate Automotive Concepts in San Diego, California, built much of the A/V system that you see here, with a little help from Competitive Audio. Downey's Interior had its hands in the project, as well.

What you can see-Monster Cable shuttles the electrons from one component to another in this ride, while Dynamat keeps soothes the vibrations.

Here's the breakdown:
A 0/1-gauge power cable runs between the batteries to the distribution block behind the amp rack. The ground runs from chassis to distribution block. From there, 4-gauge wires go to the amplifiers. Then, 12-gauge wire feeds the speakers. Monster M-Series wires serve as interconnects, while Monster Video cable and a distribution amplifier serve the video system.