Joe Conduff's lifted '00 GMC Sierra has no problem dismantling the 2WD lifted category. Rugged, built to use, and shiny enough for the toughest critics, this two-tone wonder turns heads and dirt alike.

Wanting something different for his lifted wonder, Joe, owner of House of Tints, in Tustin, California, decided to mix things up by purchasing a Hummer H2 dash and center console and trying to fit them in a much smaller truck. Coated in fiberglass to provide the needed rigidity, and with the measurements taken, sections were removed to get the fit and the look just right. With the dash in place and looking sick, it was time to finish the interior and go crazy. Phil, from Kustom Rydez Unlimited, in Riverside, California, was recruited to hook up the audio and video system using products from Audiobahn and Eclipse. Phil coated the interior with Cascade Audio Engineering noise-canceling material and built a custom enclosure that houses four 10-inch Audiobahn subs under the rear seat. Two sets of Audiobahn 6-1/2-inch components and two 7-inch monitors reside in each front door panel. In the rear panels, the driver side received a chrome-plated Audiobahn amplifier, and the passenger side received the capacitors seen through clear plexiglass. Providing the signals for both the audio and video is an Eclipse 7-inch touch-screen DVD player.

Joe turned to Marco's Best Upholstery in Santa Ana, California to wrap the seat covers in two-tone Katzkin leather and add elegance to the Enduratex-covered interior panels. Manticore billet pieces supply some bling, and sunlight can easily be brought in through dual Webasto sunroofs installed by Advanced Specialties in La Habra, California. Of course, since tint is Joe's bread and butter, he applied limo tint front to back, keeping privacy a priority. It was now time to lock in the exterior and take the truck to the next level.