One simple tug on the billet O door handles reveals an interior built for sound and performance. Al & Ed's Auto Sound of Aliso Viejo, California, designed and built a system with details galore. Using Eclipse's AV 8533 DVD head unit, the install crew, consisting of Jason, Brandon, and Brian, added a slew of Kicker audio components. Up front, Kicker SS65.2 components provide crisp and clear highs, while the rear doors are stuffed with K65 coaxials powered by an SX900.4 four-channel amp. Under the rear seat, two 10-inch Kicker L7 subs hit hard with power coming from an SX 1250.1 Kicker amp. With the tunes in order, Fast Eddies and Twin Custom Concepts teamed up to build a fully functional rollcage providing passengers with the safety needed to run side-by-side with the big boys. Seating was handled by Katzkin, using black leather, red suede, and carbon-fiber inserts complete with Oakley O logos on the backrests.

When pulled along side Scelzi's dragster, it is easy to see why this truck is so cool and why fans flock to the drag truck every chance they get. No, it won't be doing any sub-5-second passes, but it will provide the perfect transport for the crew and driver alike. Next time you're at your favorite NHRA event, take a close look at the Oakley Dodge Ram, that is if you can catch it.