Height not withstanding, attention is drawn to the Crew Cab by the painstakingly detailed flame motif. Alberto at One Extreme laid fire licks down over the black abyss coloring and tapered the heat off the tail end of the bed in a shimmering sunset-like hue collection. Quaint and sinister mix smoothly until the eye sees the souls of the damned screaming within the flames. A large bandana-equipped skull parades his nightmare upon the hood, while a boney jester collects his Ace and Joker of Spades on the tailgate. Eye catching? You bet. Try not to stare. Added visualizations stem from the use of chrome Grippin' Billet door handles and a one-piece polished stainless grille. Piercing the black night are three Pro Comp auxiliary lights mounted firmly to a front lightbar/brushguard unit. For inseam-challenged people, Amp Research Power Steps capacitate ingress and egress.

A delight to the senses lurks behind the closed doors of Stephen's Crew. Radioactive of Ontario, California, rolled the dice on the table and came up with twelve the hard way. Cha-ching! For starters, a sea of charcoal Cordoba suede smothers the interior. The finely trimmed knap lays diligently over the headliner, the sun visors, the A-, B-, and C-pillars, the custom kick panels, the custom subwoofer/back wall enclosure, the under-seat amp rack, the door panel inserts, and last but not least, the factory leather seats. Creature comforts aside, this Chevy is an entertainment hall on wheels. Radioactive tossed every inch of the OE audio equipment and started with an Eclipse AVN5435 6-1/2-inch touchscreen multi-source head unit. From there, sounds get boosted through Rockford Fosgate amplifiers and capacitors before kicking out the jams through Rockford Fosgate speakers. A Power T10001bd amp and two CPCD10-03 1-farad capacitors pump the bass from three Punch P310D4 10-inch subwoofers. Two pairs of Power T152S 5-1/4-inch component sets, filling the front and rear doors, and one set of Power T162S 6-1/2-inch component series speakers in the fiberglass kick panels, are fed from a Power T8004 signal pumper. As for the other five monitors, both sun visors were extensively worked to house Valor VH-600WSD 6-inch widescreen monitors. An additional Valor RM-1540 15-inch widescreen hangs from the ceiling for rear-seat viewing, and the last two monitors are Visualogic A2000 9-inch monitors located in the headrests. The truck seats five, but six TVs are on hand to fill all available retinas with viewing magic. Nu Image gauges and flamed billet pedals carry the external theme inside, as does the painted dash cover.

Tom Agerstig's half of the equation is the insane '05 Dana 27 Offshore. While mostly painted to match Stephen's truck, Tom's 27 was given a heavier graphic attack while in the care of One Extreme. The sunset and fire spread still apply, as do the screaming skulls and jesters, but a more sinister dimension was added to the depths of the colored strokes. Smoky reapers ride demonic horses through the dark corners of the deep-black and flamed-licked hull, while another reaper rides tall on the bow, angrily looming over the forward progress of the boat's eerie path with his blood-soaked scythe. Chains carried down both sides of the fast-riding hull lend a barbaric hint to the already detailed landscape. Up top on the deck, a large face seems to appear angrily from the shadows. One Extreme added additional cracked and decaying skulls to the dashboard, gunnels, and engine valve covers. A soggy nightmare from which there is no escape.