Our impression of the Lincoln Mark LT is that it is a pickup truck intended to make existing Lincoln devotees swoon. Anyone else is likely to go for a similarly luxurious but less-expensive F-150.

Dressed in factory bling inside and out, the Mark LT certainly lives up to the expectations of its marquee, albeit in a non-organic, retrofitted fashion. Brightwork abounds: the bold Lincoln-style grille, chrome or stainless-steel rocker trim, gleaming grab rails on the bed, large 18-inch wheels. Inside, the truck resembles a huge Town Car with chrome trim on the gauges, piping on the leather seats, faux wood grain, and obvious and shapely perforated speaker grills. Surprisingly, the Mark LT lacked a navigation unit and satellite radio, features that have become standard issue for top-trim packages. Also, the cream-colored leather seats with dark piping stood out but could have been more comfortable.

On-road ride quality is great, if vague, but the Mark LT definitely felt underpowered despite its 300 hp, 365lb-ft 5.4L V-8. It demonstrated that cushy driving experience expected from a deluxe land yacht. Off-road, the Mark LT handled with the same oblivious stateliness that it might apply to a speed bump. And while the sidesteps on this large truck are definitely useful for ingress and egress, we do recommend that wannabe wheelers be mindful of their ground clearance.

The Lincoln Mark LT comes across as a bit bloated and high-priced, but it is still a worthy, dressed-up F-150 pickup truck.