Jeff built a rack to mount two 5-gallon air tanks and plumbed the airbags with 1/2-inch lines and 1/2-inch SMC valves and 1/2-inch check valves. Filling those tanks are two Viair 450 Series pumps. Jeff appropriately chose a Dakota Digital air pressure gauge to keep tabs on his pneumatics.

Inside the cab, Barkey Upholstery of Orillia, Ontario, re-covered the stock seats in navy blue leather, gray pigskin suede, and orange piping to match the exterior. The overhead console was modified to mount the Dakota Digital air pressure gauge and keep a clean, factory appearance. Speaking of factory appearance, you won't find any fiberglass in the dash, as the original pieces were sanded smooth and shot with the same paint as the exterior. In fact, the graphics that begin on the hood continue through the windshield, onto the dash, and across the tonneau cover.

With such a finely crafted interior, Jeff planned on spending plenty of time behind the wheel, so he dropped his truck off with Frank at Downtown Sounds for an audio renovation. Beginning with an Alpine IVA-D310 head unit that gives Jeff CD/DVD/MP3 capability and powered by two JBL amps, four 12-inch JBL GT subs provide enough rumble to drown out the Dakota's Flowmaster mufflers. The custom sub box is built from MDF and is sealed with fiberglass. It mounts two of the JBLs normally and two inverted (for a better look at the hardware). Mids and separates are mounted in the factory locations in the extended cab and also in the door panels.

Jeff's goal was to build a high-quality show truck in his home province of Ontario, and we've got to say, it stands out as one of the best Dakotas we've ever seen. We typically run a few Canadian-built show trucks each year, but with the sort of talent that went into this Dakota, we won't be too surprised if word travels quickly and we get a flood of great trucks from up north to fill our pages