Back to those doors. Open them up and you'll see audio components in the custom fiberglass door panels and StreetWires power accessories molded into the fiberglassed doorway thresholds. MTX TXC three-way component speakers comprised of a TXC5.1 5-1/4-inch component system with a TXC6.0 6-inch midbass were installed into the customized fiberglass front door panels. The custom panels of the rear doors house a pair of MTX Thunder Axe separates and a 6-1/2-inch TX6001 speaker in each. Crossovers are also mounted into the door panels.

Between the two front seats is a red, fiberglass center console. In the rear half is a downfiring MTX 15-inch JackHammer Series Thunder 8500 subwoofer; in the forward part is a MicroVision 7-inch widescreen.

The rear bench is motorized to reveal an MTX logo embedded into diamond-plate that runs the length of the seat and the amplifiers beneath it. These would be two MTX Thunder 5601 amplifiers, one for each voice coil of the subwoofer. Two more amps are attached to the center console and face toward the front doorways. These MTX Thunder 3404 amplifiers power the door speakers. All in all, these amps pump 2,000 watts at a 4-ohm load. Under the rear seat is a Kenwood KNA-DV4100 DVD/Navigation unit. That and a rearview camera feed into the Kenwood multimedia head unit in the dash, which also sources for the two Kenwood LX6500W 6-1/2-inch widescreen LCD monitors in the headrests.

As we mentioned, StreetWires wires the entire system together. A 16-20-volt 1-farad capacitor evens out the power flow, and two SCR 100 batteries are mounted in a custom rack underneath the cab and next to two stock batteries. Dynamat Xtreme deadens unwanted noise. And an Audiovox Prestige 9800 security system with remote start lends safety and security to the package.

Mitek thanks the folks at Monroe Truck Equipment, Kenwood, KC HiLites, XM Satellite Radio, Delphi, Varad, and Kreative Kustoms, as well as Kyle Warner. You may see this truck on the show circuit. (It was at SEMA-perhaps CES and other events.) If not, you won't have a hard time spotting this big bad boy.