While at Custom Car Stereo in Houston, Texas, a multimedia fun zone was sprinkled into the inner confines of the truck with even more paint. An Alpine CDA-7892 head unit was mounted into the custom molded center console. Both front seat headrests and the factory head unit location are now donning Alpine TME-M760 7-inch LCD screens. Video source for the aforementioned screens is a flush-mounted Sony Playstation 2. With the stereo complete Delfino's Paint and Body in Rosenberg, Texas, completely smoothed and painted anything and everything (did we mention "everything"?) that was plastic. Violet Pearl was the choice of hues and on top of the violet went additional green flames with, once again, Violet airbrushed devil tails and details. Since chrome and shine was put on the outside, chrome and shine went on the inside, and Trenz flamed billet equipment abounds. Peering into the violet abyss, you'll find one of Trenz's steering wheels, door panel inserts, pedals, rearview mirror, doorsill plates, and HVAC knobs. Dark-as-night limo window tint provides some protection from the Texas heat, but when Edward wants to let the sun shine inside, a Solaire sunroof is at hand.

We are only telling the final rendition of Edward's TUV. He actually had a smaller lift in place first and went through two different body lifts and wheel and tire sets to achieve the final look that pleased him. We think it all turned out for the best and was a real testament to Xtreme Offroad's skills. We actually shot the vehicle when it was all black and the frame was purple with the smaller lift, but Edward stopped us just in time to get the fully flamed version in print. As you read this the truck will have been sold already, but we hear Edward and Team Xtreme are hard at work making up some killer new ideas for the current show year. We can't wait!