It's amazing what pushes a man to the breaking point. The catastrophic failure of some seemingly trivial tidbit can be a recipe for disaster. Don't believe it won't happen to you, because just when all seems serene and calm, along comes the brick wall you never saw coming. Like the bird of lore, one must rise from the ashes renewed and invigorated to get back into the game of life.

Dan Ellis had one such failure in his life that altered his path just a smidge, but that was enough to open the door to this fine pair of playthings. Dan was in the hunt for a boat, and miles be damned, he found exactly what he wanted in Grand Lake, Oklahoma. Not exactly near his Southern California home but nothing a road trip couldn't cure. Once home with his new prize, a new truck was added to the party (because he had been in a friend's Super Duty and that's all that was needed to sell him on one).

Trips to the water are handled with aplomb in the 2005 Ford Super Duty. Packaged standard with a turbo 6.0L, Dan sought to add just a bit more power to pull the weight of the boat and trailer package. Pumping up the power in stages is an Edge Juice with in-cab Attitude controller stashed neatly in the ashtray so as to stay out of sight. Helping the programmer do its job is a Banks air intake and exhaust package. Driving height was given a shot in the arm thanks to Fabtech Engineering. With its new 6-inch lift, featuring 4.0 Pro Logic coilover shocks and a four-link, Dan's truck has a ride that no leaf spring can touch. Fabtech traction bars and Bilstein shocks, aided by an airbag helper setup, close out the chassis package. Centerline 17x10-inch Wildcat wheels shod in 37-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires roll out the overall package.