The all-new '07 Chevrolet Tahoe offers a sneak-peak at what the next generation GM full-size truck lineup (code-named GMT-900) has to offer. The new lineup features bold new styling, upgraded powerplants that produce more horsepower and torque than previous models, and an available all-new Active Fuel Management system for better fuel economy.

The 5.3L V-8, on the '07 Tahoe, benefits from aluminum cylinder heads, a larger throttle-body, and upgraded intake plumbing, which ups performance to 320 hp and 340 lb-ft of torque. But with this factory-supplied combination of power parts, there's plenty of potential for even more power to be made.

In order to take full advantage of the increased power and air/fuel delivery efficiencies the '07 Chevy Tahoe has to offer, AIRAID Filter Company went to work to develop an all-new Cool Air Dam Intake System for the new generation GM truck. The new intake system takes full advantage of GM's upgraded intake plumbing and larger throttle body to generate even more horsepower and torque while also improving throttle response.

The new AIRAID '07 Tahoe CAD system utilizes a huge 1600cfm AIRAID Premium SynthaFlow filter that is isolated from engine heat by a computer-designed Cool Air Dam. The AIRAID SynthaFlow premium filter is a specially blended combination of cotton gauze and a synthetic layer that consistently filters down to two microns, providing superior protection at no extra cost.

The system takes advantage of cool outside air and funnels it through a 6-inch velocity stack/filter adapter so the air is straightened across the mass air meter. The end result is power, and plenty of it. In fact, in dyno testing, the new AIRAID CAD system on a '07 Tahoe equipped with the Active Fuel Management 5.3L V-8 generated an additional 22 hp and 28 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels.

Best of all, installation of AIRAID's new '07 Chevy Tahoe intake system is easy and can be accomplished with ordinary hand tools in less than an hour. And as is the case with all AIRAID intake systems, the new '07 Chevy Tahoe intake system comes with a "No Hassle Warranty".

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