The youth of yesterday, who have become the AARP cardholders of today, will remember van mania. During the late '60s and the '70s vans were the craze with independent van clubs, partaking in their weekly meetings at pizza parlors. "Van-o-rama's," "van-in's," and "van happens" were common weekend events. It was during the period of "peace & love," dudes with long hair, ponytails and beards, tie-dye shirts, and bellbottom pants. Foxy chicks were simple and free, wearing hip huggers, bellbottoms, miniskirts, and go-go boots. Guys were surfin' in "jams." Surfboards were huge, even when the surf was small. Beach babes were almost baring it all with their skimpy bikinis.

The custom van craze swept the nation, becoming a culture and a lifestyle. These rolling havens were a daughter's father's worst nightmare. Vans seemed to be a chick magnet.

Vans were a rolling canvas, with their huge mural-size panels that were an airbrush artist's dream. You saw it all, from snow dogs, and "Star Wars," to sexy and gothic. Many of these rolling boxes of pleasure and innocence were christened with names like VANMAN, PANDORA'S BOX, MR. AMERICA, HEAVAN, MADVAN, VANATIC, LOVNVAN, TAZVAN, VANISH, etc. Favorite van sayings: "Keep on Truckin'," "If It's A-Rockin', Don't Be Knockin'."

To ignite the flame for the young guns of today, the vans are going to have to change their image of yesterday. Today's retro vans must be shaved and smoothed, painted in hot-rod suede, single color or two-tone, flamed, and buried in clear. They must be slammed, layin' rocker and tuckin' 22s, stuffed with outrageous high-tech audio sound and video entertainment, and upholstered with high-quality leather and suede. Under the hood or doghouse, a potent V-8 that will fry the hides.

Check out these current vans of today! You'd think you were in a time warp. Remember: Old Guys Rule!