With cars, trucks, and racing infused in his veins at birth, Kyle Millen was born into this world with a heritage and background to live up to. The Millen family name might make more sense if you knew that his father is world-renowned racer Steve Millen. Further still, the Stillen performance and accessory company might make it all come together for you. Don't think Kyle is handed anything by dear old Dad, as Kyle is a regular on the phone doing sales like every other employee and the stipulation for him wanting to build the truck was that he could not take any time from work to do it. Sounds like long nights and weekends, just like the rest of us.

Beginning in late 2004 with a fresh-from-the-dealer Nissan Titan 2WD, the truck barely made it two weeks before being torn apart, and the transformation started. For suspension and lift, California Super Trucks was sourced for an 8-inch front kit setup complete with uniballs. Installed by Kyle, Mike Ungles, and Adam Stanku, the CST kit is fortified with Fox coilovers, Eibach coils, and Fox bypass shocks. Deaver leaf springs ride under the bed, providing lift there with additional Fox bypass shocks. Fullscale Motorsports did a bit of cage work to create the mounting locations for all the long-travel shocks. Eighteen-inch American Racing Mojave wheels and 37-inch BFGoodrich All Terrain tires make it roll with style. Stillen/AP Racing "monster brakes" and braided stainless lines add huge stopping power.

When purchased, the Titan had the 5.6L V-8 under the hood, which, left stock, is fairly healthy. Now, that would be fine for most but not for the son of a racer, and certainly not for us either. To remedy the power deficiency, a Stillen supercharger was set squarely into place. Making 6 psi of boost, the blower stuffs the intake while a Stillen stainless exhaust does away with the used and abused molecules. Twisting the rollers to the tune of 420 horsepower is a sure sign that everything is functioning properly.