When viewing a finished one-off, handmade custom truck at a show, many times we are overwhelmed by the concept, styling, body mods, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Seth Wagner's futuristic '41 Willys pickup is a prime example of this scenario. Steve Legens and the crew at Legens Hot Rods in Martin, Tennessee, logged in over 20,000 hours and performed some 241 modifications during the four-year journey building "Hammerhead." Such an effort of innovative design and perfection warrants a closer look at its creation.

Steve Legens got together with good friend and Etch-A-Sketch artist Gary Constable from Louisville, Kentucky, who was responsible for the exterior renderings, and Brent Gill from Tampa, Florida, who lined out the interior's dcor.

Fortunately, Steve had the foresight of the great magnitude this creation would have on the custom truck/car world and documented the entire buildup with a digital camera in hand. With this in mind, Truckin' decided to expose our readers to the many fabricated modifications captured during this incredible one-of-a-kind build. After editing some 2,000 digital images, here is a condensed look at the insane buildup. Enjoy!

We would like to thank Legens Hot Rods for allowing us to share with our readers some of their behind-closed-doors magic.