Honorable Mention: Michael
Mckeska's '99 Chevy Dualie
Ohio - Issue #1

Building multiple custom vehicles has a way of upping the ante. Michael's building talents really came to the forefront with this slammed mass of sheetmetal. He scrapped the frame from the firewall back and fabricated a fully boxed frame, then Z'd the front. The rig lays out flat, but becomes drivable thanks to Slam Specialties ES-82 airbags. These semi-truck 'bags are supported by a monster bridge. The body was dropped 4 inches, so now not only does the frame slam into the ground, but the rocker panels do too. The flawless House of Kolor Pewter body color is distinctive and the black flames are menacing. Under the paint, a host of body mods attract attention, including shaved door handles, tailgate handle, fuel door, taillights, and radio antenna. The interior is unique, with football-style stitching on the bright red leather. Trent's Trick Upholstery used street-rod bucket seats and lots of other tricks to jazz up the inside. Crazy details include pinstriping on the steering wheel. The only thing keeping Mike's one-ton out of the top 10 was the absence of a front valance.

Honorable Mention: Dennis Graham's '67 Ford Bronco
Georgia - Issue #5

There's something about 1,000 hp in a two-door, lowered Bronco that just screams "insane." With 33 inches of Mickey Thompson slicks out back and lots of tire smoke, you can't help but look. To get the truck low enough (and handle the power) Dennis started with a full Art Morrison chassis and then added goodies as he went along. Up front is a Mustang II style suspension with rack-and-pinion steering and massive Baer brakes. In the rear, a Ford 9-inch rearend is attached to a four-link suspension system. With all this ballsy racecar-like focus it might seem unusual to see a fully customized interior, but that's exactly what's going on with this truck. M&M Interior wrapped the custom dash and new door panels in tan leather and alligator skin. As nice as it is, a large portion of guys can't look any further than the blown 502ci engine. (That's understandable.) Maybe next time Dennis will put a Ford in a Ford and make the top 10.