Jeremy Fuhlman's '03 Ford Super Duty
Texas - Issue #12

What's that saying? "The only difference between men and boys is the size and price of their toys." Jeremy is a prime exam-ple of this. His big Ford has a completely boxed and smoothed frame thanks to Killer Ridez, and square-tube crossmembers replace the factory pieces. A parallel four-link holds the front end in place, while a triangulated four-link does like duty for the rear. Firestone airbags get the truck up in the air, and a Dakota Digital ride control unit controls 18 inches of movement. All the suspension clearance made it possible to use 49-inch tires. Inside the cab, Jeremy was no less bold. Red is everywhere. Every plastic piece was sanded smooth and then painted Viper Red. Scores of trick items fill up the truck's interior. We're talking mounds of audio and video equipment, the majority from Kicker. The truck has eight Optima batteries and two 200-amp alternators to run it all.

Bill Carlton's '04 Hummer H2
Texas - Issue #13

Bill went a whole lot further with this Hummer's second build, and the list of body mods is a mile long. Bill's shop, Ekstensive Metalworks, in Houston, Texas, has established itself as one of the hottest in the country, and this H2 no doubt cemented the public's opinion of the place. Bill built a complete custom chassis using mandrel-bent framerails, incorporating an air-ride setup that has his truck way down low. Then he added 26-inch Gianelle and Giovanna wheels and the gauntlet was thrown down. A supercharged 6.0L makes viewing the numerous monitors difficult, but the ostrich leather makes the ride a comfortable one. By the time the shop was done, the truck was clearly the most custom H2 in the land.

Seth Wagner's '41 Willys
Illinois - Issue #13

No stranger to building incredible custom vehicles, Seth's plan for this Willys was a combination of futuristic and historic cues. Hooking up with famed builder Steve Legens of Legens Hot Rods in Martin, Tennessee, the pair built something very special that made its debut at the '06 Detroit Auto Show, where it made a run for the Don Ridler Memorial award. Every inch of this truck is custom and handbuilt. Kugel stainless steel dropped spindles are attached to chrome A-arms and also serve as a mounting point for the Wilwood brakes. A Winters quick-change rearend and Kugel independent rear suspension are the highlights at the back of the truck. An '05 DaimlerChrysler 5.7L modular Hemi engine is squeezed under the hood and puts out more than 600 hp.