While combing the halls at last year's SEMA show, we were struck by a Mega Cab at the Dodge display that had all of the right ingredients for a feature. Unlike many of the SEMA feature vehicles that go out of their way to grab your attention with insane graphics and eardrum-splitting stereo, this rugged LEER Mega Cab exuded an understated elegance. After a thorough examination, we were jealous of its limo-like appointments and were determined to align our schedules for a photo shoot.

LEER, known for its tonneau covers and truck caps, built this Mega Cab to show off its newest tonneau, the 800 series. This new tonneau is one of the few exterior modifications, with the exception of a billet Precision Grille, Reflexxion ram air hood, and Amp Research retractable steps. Then of course there's the paint. The talented crew at RPC Motorsports in Downey, California, handled the entire build of the truck, including the paint. After laying down DuPont Go Mango orange above black, RPC divided the two with a silver double arch.

To get the right stance for such an adventurous truck required a little help from Superlift and Air Lift. Superlift added six inches of clearance, while Air Lift's Road Tamer helped smooth things out.

Taking advantage of the new space in the wheelwells, 20-inch Boyd Coddington Havoc wheels were wrapped with 37x13.5-inch Toyo Open Country M/Ts to ensure that any off-road jaunts are met with plenty of traction.