Up front, a Jensen head unit sends signals to multiple Kicker amps, which in turn power 20 sets of Kicker mids and highs and eight Kicker 12-inch subs. Each door was stuffed with Kicker mids, and each door received at least two 7-inch Audiovox monitors. Audiovox DVD players provide the movie options-and with 4,000 watts of surround-sound power, the experience must be a great one. The crew at Bassick even removed the stock taillights in favor of more Kicker mids and highs. Lifting up the hatch reveals two 10.2-inch Audiovox flip-down monitors from the hatch. When the lights go out, purple street glow can be seen from the intricate enclosure, which also houses a 30-inch Audiovox LCD screen. Katzkin silver-and-black leather seats complete the overall package.

With this much added weight inside the Kia, an Alpine-created, modified MagnaCharger supercharger sits atop the 2.7L V-6 for an estimated 270 hp. Splashes of purple paint make the engine look the part, and a CGS exhaust adds some rumble.

Built in an impressive three months, the purple and silver Kia actually looks pretty cool, and every aspect of the SUV was customized. For the record, Kia SUVs can be cool, but it did take this one nearly $40,000 to pull it off.