Erick Ramirez owns Xtreme Tint in Whittier, California, and like many shop owners hoping to grab the attention of would-be customers, he applied some of his best handiwork to a show-winning truck that's hard to ignore. By calling on local shops known for their quality work, Erick was left with a unique ride that serves as his calling card and as his daily driver.

The base of this custom is a '77 GMC Jimmy that's been in Erick's family since 1978, when his mother bought it. After almost 30 years of existence as a stock truck, Erick decided the Jimmy deserved better. First on his list was the body, as Cadillac taillights went in and emblems and door handles came out. The '77 grille wasn't going to cut it, so the Jimmy was reborn as a Blazer when Erick swapped it in favor of '91 Blazer front sheetmetal, grille, and quad headlights. With the body updated, Jeff, of Merzees Paint Designs at Santa Fe Springs, California, was given the reins as several Alsa products were applied, beginning with a Nevada Silver basecoat. The graphics were sprayed using custom mixes of candy blue and purple with a few coats of Prizmacoat for a truly custom effect. Finally, the graphics were finished off with pinstriping by Kent Garcia to really make them jump off of the truck. Of course, Erick had to add matching tint. So, he went to work on the 3M films to add more tribal graphics on the front windows and a mural of dragons on the rear windows, which showcased his talents.

Completing the package is the right stance, and with 26-inch TIS wheels and 30-series Kumho radials tucked way into the fenderwells, Erick's two-door delivers. Winning Edge Customs in Buena Park, California, dropped the truck using DJM upper and lower control arms and a 2-inch drop spindle with 2,800-pound Firestone airbags up front and a two-link with 2,600-pound 'bags in the rear. Two Viair 380C compressors coupled to three 3-gallon tanks fill the 'bags in a hurry.