According to Patrick Jones, his parents have held steadfast to the story that Patrick's first words were "boat" and "truck." A true fan of customized vehicles and shunning anything stock, this model is Patrick's third truck he has decided to modify. Once good friends with Mark Zelfer, whose truck, Mark's Dream, ruled the circuits for some time after his death, the duo used to give each other support and a little friendly competition. From the first two words uttered, this is the realization of Patrick's own dream.

After consulting with Jay Photoglou, an order was placed through Selman Chevrolet for a spanking-new '06 Silverado Crew Cab 4x4 with a Duramax LBZ engine under its hood. After waiting eight weeks for its delivery, the customization began in earnest. First on the list was a suspension lift for the truck. Superduty Headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona, mounted a RCD 6-inch system to the Silverado, which made room for the 20x10-inch MHT wheels and 325/60R20 Toyo Open Country rubber. To ensure the truck could handle the rigors of towing a boat, Air Ride helper 'bags were installed on the rear axle. The Duramax is no slouch on its own; but R&R Products in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, installed an intake and Gibson turbo-back stainless exhaust just to be sure.

Cleaning up the exterior is a speedy way to make your ride appear far from stock. This truck is no different, sporting Escalade door handles that were special-ordered in the truck's non-Escalade color. Also on the Chevy are billet grilles, a Bow Tie, and a Gaylord's tonneau cover. The factory emblems and moldings were removed, as well. To finish off the external transformation is the completely shaved and smoothed tailgate. Hidden inside, behind 5-percent limo-tinted windows is a multimedia system designed for the haul. A factory head unit keeps Patrick attached to OnStar, should the need arise, but for now, the stock stereo head unit plays through a JL Audio 500.5 Slash amplifier. Total Auto Pros in Phoenix also thought to install a few speakers with the amplifier in the form of JL Audio XR 6-1/2-inch coaxials in the front doors, VR 5-1/4-inch coaxials in the rear doors, and three 10w1v8 subwoofers in a suede enclosure behind the rear seat. A Savv 9-1/2-inch motorized TV with a built-in DVD hangs from the ceiling and can be switched through the stereo's audio or privately heard through the infrared Savv headphones.