It would be easy to begin this story about a stock truck that went from factory fresh to insanely customized in only one month. It would be true, but you'd miss the core of this story. Built on a firm foundation of family support, values, and the understanding and appreciation of needing help, this truck is the end result of one family's dedication to perfection. Is it cool? No question. Is it custom? Inside and out. Do you want one? Yes, and so do we.

Pat Schommer lives in the small town of Winnemucca, Nevada, which is not known as the custom-car capital of the world. But, after discussing the story behind his '06 Dodge Ram Mega Cab diesel, Pat understands what it takes to be taken seriously. Reflecting back on his childhood, Pat remembered building his first custom truck at the ripe old age of 12. Without disclosing his current age, let's just say Mr. Schommer has over four decades of custom-car culture running through his veins. Pat and his son Patrick used this heritage of hot-rodding to build a feature vehicle for the '06 SEMA show. Rather than holding back and getting things done ahead of schedule, the pair and talented crew at their shop, Go Nuts Truck and Auto Sales, in Winnemucca, decided to work 20-hour days for 30 straight days. The result? A truck worthy of any truck publication, and one that pictures just can't capture justly.

After signing on the dotted line for a brand, spanking-new '06 Dodge 2500, the truck was delivered to B&T Customs, located in Reno, Nevada, where the Ram lost its rear bumper in favor of a roll pan with a hidden hitch and had the House of Kolors Purple and Black base colors applied. Then, Louie Feliz took over the custom assignment and laid down the House of Kolors Kameleon Pearl color-changing paints in the aggressive graphics separating the Purple and Black. With the Nevada sunshine blasting down on the truck, hues of gold, green, purple, and blue can be seen splashed across the Mega Cab. Louie completed the look with bold silver pinstriping along the graphics. Final assembly of the body saw a T-Rex billet grille, smoked taillights, and a Gaylord's tonneau bolted into place.