IAG didn't forget the powerplant, as this build was meant to showcase the potential of Vortec engines. And so, the finishing touches were left for the Avalanche's 5.3L Vortec V-8. To keep things reliable and open up the airways, an Airaid intake and Corsa 3-inch exhaust were bolted up to boost power. Superior Axle chipped in with new 4.56 ring and pinion sets, front and rear, to get the most out of the extra power and to help the Avalanche overcome the taller tires and heavy payload behind it.

Speaking of the payload, following the Avalanche down the road is a matching Formula 292 FAS3Tech. Formula boats are known for their solid construction, and the 292's multi-plane deep-V hull is definitely built to take on the punishment of high-speed cruising. The blaze paint scheme on the boat is a factory option that inspired the paint on the Avalanche, and complements the upholstery and dash inside of the 292's open cockpit. To match the truck, the dash was painted red and filled with Livorsi Monster and Redline gauges, while Livorsi linkages were installed for both the throttle and shifters. Both front passengers can enjoy the ride in McLeod bolster seats that keep occu-pants planted during full-throttle acceleration. Powering the 7,000lb deep-V cruiser are two 5.7L Mercruiser Mags that each put 300 hp to a Bravo 1 drive and four-blade prop. Both Mercruiser engines were left stock, except for the addition of a Corsa Silent Choice exhaust. Silent Choice features an electronic cut-off that can either divert exhaust quietly through the prop to meet noise requirements, or it can roar straight out of the transom for all-out performance.

To think that this combo was completed in just six weeks made a lot of us jealous. We're sure you guys know what it's like to have a project sit stagnant for weeks-if not months-on end. And so, a lot of credit has to go to Jason and his team at IAG Customs for cranking out such a quality truck on a tight schedule. We know not everyone has General Motors behind them, but let this build be an inspiration to at least get a few wrenches turning on your own projects