A few unlucky souls among us have gotten into the downward spiral of tearing into a new project due to an accident. It seems simple enough to do a little extra work, since many parts are already disassembled from the accident. This particular Cadillac SRX was no different. After Jennifer Carlton made a bit of an error in judgment, she smacked up the whole rear of her SRX. The mini SUV was unfortunately headed for the body shop for repairs, however, her husband, Bill Carlton of Ekstensive Metalworks fame, had other plans. Under the cover of working on the bodywork necessary to put the SRX back into shape, he whipped the Cadillac into an entirely different animal. Jennifer was in for a big surprise.

As builders of bomb rides that seem to be magnetized towards the pavement, Bill and the crew of Ekstensive Metalworks envisioned a 'bag-induced stance for the bashed-up SUV. After some metal destruction and reconstruction, room was made so the SRX suspension would accept Firestone airbags all around it. GC 450 1/2-inch air valves actuate the air in and out of the system making the Cadi hit its ups and downs. The entire system was plumbed with copper air line from the dual Thomas 337 compressors to the 7-gallon air reserve tank, out to the valves, and finally to the 'bags. A four-pack of 22x8-inch billet Devious wheels, designed by Nick Crouch, tucked neatly under the now-dumped fenders with 245/35R22 Cooper tires.

Once the necessary repairs had been made to the crunched rear hatch, some killer color was in order. Covering the angular exterior of the Cadi is the factory color dressed up with some two-tone by using House of Kolor Planet Green. The entire array was sprayed over with a wet coating of Candy Pagan Gold. Spears of chrome were airbrushed to run down each side of the vehicle with glints of sun-fed highlights thrown into the mix. Toward the front, the spears separate into classically styled boxes enclosing Candy Apple Red. Chris from South Coast Customs was credited with the smooth graphic chrome. Besides the paint, the only other exterior modifications were the E&G front mesh grille that is sporting the Cadillac crest and the stainless tips from the MagnaFlow exhaust, which peek out from underneath the bumper.