Totally custom trucks deserve their 15 minutes of fame, and this tricked-out S-10 Blazer has been buried at the bottom of our feature files begging for a chance to shine. Shot four years ago, we never received a tech sheet, so we have no idea who the owner was, who built it, or what parts it was put together with. Here you are, however, reading the full feature as we have joined together and done our best to catalog the parts for you to enjoy. Read on as we write the story like we actually know what we are talking about.

After receiving the news from Miss Moneypenny that M has released him, James Bond recently came to the states and fell in love with the world of mini trucks. Trading in his Aston Martin keys for the pink slip to an '01 S-10 Blazer, the world of 007 was quickly turned upside down. Starting with a two-door white Blazer, James dropped the truck off to his buddy, Q, who is known for adding machine guns, bazookas, and nail machines to some of the British Secret Service's nicest rides. Requesting a more government-friendly mode of transportation, Bond wrote a check for a fully custom mini truck.

Needing some rest and relaxation after his stints with Jaws and Goldfinger, James wanted a ride that was like floating on air. Rather than going full hovercraft with the Blazer, Q opted for an air-ride suspension. Dropping the truck down low allowed the installation of 20-inch Colorado Custom Leadville Ace billet wheels and low-profile Falken tires.