The truck cuts and thrusts through traffic far more responsively than a stock truck, thanks to the supercharged torque and tuned suspension, but its firm ride is easily unsettled over larger bumps. From a practical standpoint, the truck tows just like a Ford would. This isn't a stripped-down muscle truck.

The interior of the truck sports some Roush badging on the floormats, KTM badging on the headrests, black and silver leather on the seats, a Ford logo on the steering wheel, and an overall F-150 Lariat interior. The price of the truck was $34,000 with Ford's standard and optional features. Roush's standard equipment is the F-150 Sport package, $805. Roush options include: the black and silver leather seats $1,586, Lariat instruments $310, billet pedals $100, locking lug nuts $55, Lariat brushed-aluminum interior trim $520, a painted rear bumper $617, Roush embroidered floormats $95, chin spoiler $570, painted front bumper $815, 4x2 sport suspension $1,775, and a Magellan portable navigation unit was integrated into the top of the dash as a permanent piece $1,399. Final price is about $47, 373.

The two trucks dished out a performance package in entirely different ways. We like the aesthetics of the Saleen much more than those of the KTM Edition Roush, and the Saleen offers a more exciting and sportier driving experience. But the Saleen presents a pricier proposition. The Roush offers the fun of a supercharger and tuned suspension and a much lower price at $48K; but the driving experience is much less immersive than in the Saleen and the truck has looks that only a motorcycler would love. Both trucks retain very good towing capability, and the retractable tonneau on the Saleen is a great feature. Do we have a winner? You drive them both and let us know which one you like best.