Laurence Lahaye is a shoe guy. Having been raised in the industry and working for some of the top name brands in his early adulthood, he stepped out on his own ventures and has never looked back. With a seemingly endless supply of fabrics and materials at his disposal, Laurence decided to build himself one sick and trick '72 C10 filled with a leather interior that looks incredible, but is totally out of place at the same time. You'll have to see it to believe it, because you'll never see another interior as creative as this one.

Laurence wanted to build a red and black truck sitting on chrome that was fast and loud. He figured, the rest of the details could be filled in along the way. With five years invested in the build up, we're sure some details were filled in more than once. Beginning with the chassis, Super Rides by Jordan in Escondido, California, laid down a plan of attack. The Chevy now sits on a 5/7-drop, thanks to products from Belltech. A pair of 2-inch drop spindles combine with 3-inch drop coils for the nose, while 5-inch drop coils and 2-inch lowering blocks out back got this truck to set right. For brakes, factory front disc brakes and a Classic Industries rear-disc conversion were installed, then detailed with red calipers and hubs. Intro Vista wheels measure out at 18x8-inch fore, and 20x10 inches aft, with 255/45R18 and 295/45R20 BFGoodrich tires sticking the truck to the ground.

Since this truck was supposed to go fast, it was decided it needed to handle correctly at speed, as well. To aid in that depart-ment, Hotchkis sway bars were fitted at both ends with Doetsch nine-way-adjustable shocks at each corner. Corners weren't going to be an issue because this truck was ready to rock.

You can't go fast without plenty of horsepower, and the 350ci small-block underneath the hood delivers. Nu-Tech in Santee, California, handled the machining and the assembly work with Performance Rods for all of the power-making parts to come together. Ported and polished Edelbrock heads work in harmony with a Clay Smith camshaft breathing through an Edelbrock intake and carburetor. Ceramic-coated Sanderson headers push the exhaust out through a custom exhaust fit with Flowmaster mufflers. Backing up the engine's 400 hp is a 700-R4 transmission, built by San Marcos Transmissions, with plenty of heavy-duty internals. Positive Transmissions in Escondido, installed a custom shift kit to make the transmission snap each gear under full power. Super Rides by Jordan installed everything, along with a 19-gallon No Limit aluminum fuel tank mounted underneath the bed. Feeling that the engine was somehow lacking, or rather, appearing too much like any other, Jordan decided that hot-rod-styled covers were in order. After whipping out the necessary materials, Jordan created an A\C cover, a brake-booster cover, and an engine cover that flows into the custom molded radiator support.

Starside Designs in Riverside, California, attacked the old Chevy's body, and although the truck has a heavy amount of custom metal work, it still appears mostly stock. It breaks down like this: Starside did away with the factory gas-filler hole, stake-pocket holes, smoothed up the rain gutters, and shaved the side markers. The side markers are still there, you say? Well, you are correct, but the factory holes were sealed and laser cut to match new clear lens inserts in their place.