In our hobby, there are quite a few trucks that reach a certain point in their lives where they just seem lackluster in the eye of the beholder. Be it time or money, the day comes in which the decision is made to simply start anew with fresh components. A smaller percentage of trucks reach that point and become recycled-reincarnated, if you will. After all, the truck is most likely already shaved, lowered, and powered up with some aftermarket engine goodies. So, why go through all of the added expense and trouble to build an entirely new truck when what you have is already a fabulous beginning? Like buying a new wardrobe for yourself, it's the feeling of being reborn.

Dennis Phillips had his truck featured in our fair publication once, and he basked in the warm glow of success for a time. That time halted and Dennis saw his truck was no longer the entertainment package it once was. Akin to a houseguest you just can't get rid of, the '02 Ram had overstayed its customization and needed to receive an attitude adjustment. The slammed Ram was still sporting its prior Houston, Texas, based Ekstensive Metalworks dramatically dropped suspension. Slam Specialties airbags front and rear, along with a two-link, ensured the big Dodge was knocked to a more respectable roof height, so no changes were needed there. Instead, the original 22-inch wheels were slipped off only to be replaced by a more appropriate set of 22-inch Eagle Alloys. Kumho tires snugly hold the tarmac with a footprint laid down by their 265/35R22 dimensions. Toxic Shocks damp the humps and bumps and a 15-gallon stainless fuel cell ensures plenty of ground grabbing clearance.

Chrysler products have been garnering more and more attention, thanks to the company's aggressive marketing campaign; but we have our own beliefs. Our opinion says power is the key and Dodge is bringing home the bacon. Dennis didn't want to be left in the dust, so his truck's 360ci 5.9L V-8 has a bit more oomph in the go department. Adding pleasurable ponies is a cold-air intake, an Airaid throttle-body spacer, and a Flowmaster exhaust. Getting all cylinders to fire just right is a Superchips programmer, which gives the stock computer the Pinocchio treatment. Dennis can mash the pedal and rock his way to a ticket from 0-oops in 2.5 seconds.

Last go round saw the Ram with a weld-on Sir Michael's roll pan, a shaved tailgate, a fuel filler door, and an antenna, Xenon fender flares, and a Reflexxion cowl-induction hood. Going a step further than that, the Dodge was chiseled down a bit for its new fighting look. The door handles were removed, stock taillights were shaved, and the stock mirrors were set aside to make room for Street Scene mirrors. The owner himself laid down the House of Kolor Cinder Red, which was broken up by bold black graphics with a hint of red flake. We loved the original custom paint scheme Dennis ran way back in September '03, but the current rendition is a blend of styles that just looks so right on the Ram's freshened skin. Adding that extra je ne c'est quois is a bit of traditional flair in the form of hand-laid pinstriping on the hood and tailgate. JBM billet grilles fill all of the front openings in the grille and the bumper.